In the early 20th century, a British mathematician devised "The Puzzle of the Nine Points. The object of the puzzle is to connect nine points in a three-by-three grid without lifting pen from paper, using just four straight lines.  The solution to this puzzle gave rise to the phrase "think outside the box" which has come to stand for creativity and unconventional thinking in business.

In the search for top talent, the need to think outside the box has become not only advisable but an absolute necessity.  Hiring Managers must think creatively about how to fill difficult, multi-faceted roles in their organizations; recruiters must often take unconventional approaches to sourcing and attracting the best people and bilingual, globally minded candidates need to come up with innovative solutions to expand their careers.

NinePoint Co., Ltd.  offers Executive Search services to foreign capital firms operating in or expanding to Japan.  To find out more follow the links below to our service offerings or contact us at info@ninepoint.com to arrange a meeting with one of our consultants.


Recruitment Consulting & Executive Search

Identification of Japanese/English bilingual IT and senior IT management professionals for foreign capital firms in Japan.

Selected Search Options

Our full service search offered in an unbundled format that allows your company to choose which service is required most.

Recruiting Process Assessment/Audit

An objective and comprehensive review of your recruiting process from need identification to offer.

Executive Advocate (Outplacement)

A highly personalized service that reduces the stress and frustration of a typical job search and adds value every step of the way.


Management Profile

Lawrence Kieffer is the Managing Director of NinePoint Co., Ltd.   Before joining Ninepoint Co., Ltd., he was the Executive Director in charge of the Executive Search Division at  the premier bilingual online recruiting portal in Japan.  Mr. Kieffer built the new Executive Search Division to 15 consultants in 3 years and brought quality candidates to hundreds of companies.  Prior to that,  he was an associate with a Japanese Executive Search firm where he was responsible for foreign capital clients for the Tokyo office. 

He participated as a Panel Member of the RIETI BBL on “Labor Market Mobility in Japan” and has been interviewed on human resource and recruiting related topics appearing in magazines such as: Gainer, type and B-ing. 

Mr. Kieffer graduated with honors from the Japan-focused Executive MBA program of the University of Hawaii and the Japan American Institute of Management Science and holds an Economics degree from Le Moyne College. 

He is a Certified Personnel Consultant registered with the National Association of Personnel Services, a Member of the Board of Directors for the non-profit organization, Tokyo English Life Line and an Adjunct Professor at Temple University.

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