Conversation for April 7, 2022

And it’s a wrap…

The Ninepoint 2022 Flow-Through LP completed its third and final closing, for aggregate gross proceeds of $65.9 million.

Since its inception in 2017, Ninepoint has successfully raised more Flow-Through Fund capital than any other asset manager in Canada. Flow-Through strategies continue to provide an effective, time-tested tax planning strategy for Canadian investors and have consistently delivered strong after-tax returns.


Ninepoint Flow-Through Fund

After Tax Return*

Ninepoint 2020 Short Duration Flow-Through LP - Class A


Ninepoint 2020 Short Duration Flow-Through LP - Class F


Ninepoint 2020 Flow-Through LP - National Class A


Ninepoint 2020 Flow-Through LP - National Class F


Ninepoint 2020 Flow-Through LP - Quebec Class A


Ninepoint 2020 Flow-Through LP - Quebec Class F


Ninepoint 2019 Short Duration Flow-Through LP


Ninepoint 2019 Flow-Through LP


You can see what effect Flow-Through investing could have on your taxes by trying our Flow-Through calculator here.

A Private Capital "Revolution"

Barclay’s announced this week that they are looking to enter the private credit space to give their clients access to the fast-growing $1.2 trillion asset class (Bloomberg, April 4, 2022).

Bloomberg notes that there is some irony to the move because “the asset class owes at least part of its growth to banks, which pulled back from traditional lending in the wake of losses during the financial crisis and higher capital costs as regulators overhauled banking rules.”

Likewise, today at the Bloomberg Wealth Summit, Ares offered its view of the private capital “revolution”:


Meanwhile, in the battle against carbon…

At the end of March, Canada released its new climate roadmap featuring tax credits as a key driver to encourage the development and adoption of carbon capture. Also at the end of March, the European Securities and Markets Authority issued their recommendations for strengthening the EU carbon market.

Emissions trading system continue to be a key tool for countries to achieve their greenhouse gas reduction goals, suggesting longer-term upward price pressure on carbon. Read more in our March Ninepoint Carbon Credit ETF commentary.

The Ninepoint Carbon Credit ETF recently added United Kingdom Allowances (“UKA”) following our quarterly rebalancing at the end of March. By allocating to all four of the world’s most liquid carbon futures markets we improve diversification for investors and make the Fund more reflective of global carbon markets.

The Ninepoint Team!