Portfolio construction case studies: Alternative asset allocation for advisors

July 2023

Recorded on July 19, 2023

The recently updated AIMA Advisor's Essential Guide to Alternative Funds in Canada (AIMA Advisor Guide) showcases key resources for wealth advisors and investors to learn about alternative investment funds and how to best evaluate them for portfolio investment. This edition features updated portfolio construction case studies submitted by select manager members demonstrating how various alternative strategies can be implemented in investor portfolios with goals of increasing diversification, reducing volatility and enhancing risk-adjusted returns.

Join this webinar to hear from AGF Investments, RPIA and Ninepoint Partners to present select case studies, including:

  • Integrating Alternative Funds in Asset Allocation - AGF Investments
  • Adding a 20% Allocation to a Long/Short Credit Strategy - RPIA
  • Options Selling Strategy to Generate Income - Ninepoint Partners


  • Imran Dhanani, Director, National Accounts & Product Strategy, RPIA

  • Colin Watson, Portfolio Manager, Ninepoint Partners (18:35 - 30:15)

  • Bill DeRoche, SVP, Head of Quantitative Investing, AGF Investments

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