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Corporate Responsibility

From its inception, Ninepoint has been committed to encouraging industry and societal change in a positive, constructive way. Of course, actions speak volumes, and our actions are focused in areas where we believe both our firm and employees can make a meaningful difference. We’re committed to donating to social initiatives across Canada and within our own communities, as well as supporting the environment by allocating a portion of our management fees on certain funds to offset global carbon generation.

Inclusion and Diversity

Building a Strong Team

Our intention has always been to ensure that every employee or potential employee at Ninepoint is treated fairly and given equal opportunity for placement and advancement regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or disability. Part of achieving true diversity within our organization is to celebrate the benefits of that diversity every day.

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We acknowledge that each of us, regardless of our background, likely hold bias​es and stereotypes that can insult, harm or disadvantage those who are different than we are. Every employee is required to complete diversity training as part of our annual compliance program​.



Despite our success to date attracting a relatively diverse employee base, we can and will do more. We are committed to broadening our candidate pool, for every new position, with the goal of further increasing our organization's overall diversity.



As a leader in the communities we serve, Ninepoint has a long history of giving to charitable causes in those communities. Going forward, Ninepoint is committed to ensuring that causes which promote inclusion and diversity in our communities are materially represented in the charities we donate to.


Donation Matching

Ninepoint has launched employee diversity donation matching program. Employee donations to causes seeking to promote and improve diversity and inclusion in our community will be matched 1:1 by Ninepoint​, up to $2500 per employee.

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Helping Women in Need

The Lise Watier Foundation is driven by the desire to help women in vulnerable financial or social situations to reclaim confidence in their own abilities and to help them take control of their lives in order to build a future for themselves that is worthy of their abilities and aspirations.

Lise Watier Foundation

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Other Inclusion and Diversity Seeking Charities We Have Supported

  • KW Counselling Services
  • YWCA Quebec
  • Société québécoise de la déficience intellectuelle
  • Down Syndrome Resource Foundation
  • Easter Seals Ontario
  • Unity For Autism
  • Motionball
  • The Community Association for Riders with Disabilities

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Childhood Betterment

We’ve committed a significant portion of our charitable support to youth-focused charities and initiatives. Children are very much the future for all of us – employees, clients, and stakeholders – and helping to ensure those children have equal access to opportunities and equal chances to succeed will always be a priority for us.

Supporting Mental Health

Capitalize For Kids

More than ever, kids are reaching out for support. Demand is increasing and mental health service providers are struggling to keep up. Kids and their families are trapped on waitlists – unable to get the help they desperately need. Capitalize for Kids works to improve that situation.

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Adolescent Substance Abuse

Fondation Jean Lapointe

The Jean Lapointe Foundation strives to collect funds which allow them to actively and significantly support the fight against substance addictions.

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Our Environmental Commitment

Through its fund, the Ninepoint Bitcoin ETF, Ninepoint is supporting forest conservation projects in the Amazon that compensate for the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The projects also contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, which help to improve the lives of the people who live in the region.


Our Local Involvement

In addition to the national charities described above, Ninepoint Partners makes it a point to support community charities and causes because, often, it’s at the community level where significant change can be affected. We are proud to have supported a broad range of local causes:

  • Holland Bloorview
  • Musee Civilisation
  • Just for Kids Foundation
  • Smilezone
  • Canadian Youth Network
  • Halton Learning Foundation
  • World Partnership Walk
  • BC Interior Community Foundation