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Ninepoint’s Sprott 2016-II Flow-Through Fund NAV at over $37

Ninepoint’s Sprott 2016-II Flow-Through Limited Partnership (the “Partnership”), which completed its initial public offering  in October 2016, is currently reporting a Net Asset Value  of $37.19 as at market close on January 16, 2018. 


Sprott 2016-II Flow –Through Performance as at 12/29/2017 
















The Partnership announced on November 17, 2017 that it was proceeding with a rollover of all of its assets on a tax-deferred basis into Sprott Resource Class on or about January 25, 2018, a fund that has provided positive alpha generation over the years*.

“Flow-Through investing offers one of the few remaining advanced tax planning strategies in Canada while providing much needed financing to the Canadian resource exploration sector. We are very pleased with our 2016-II issue and look forward to continued success with our 2018 Ninepoint Flow-Through LP.” said James Fox, Co-Managing Partner at Ninepoint.

For investors looking for a similar tax-advantaged investment to the Partnership, Ninepoint has filed and received a receipt for a preliminary prospectus dated December 11, 2017 offering units of Ninepoint 2018 Flow-Through Limited Partnership. The preliminary prospectus contains important detailed information about the securities being offered and is subject to completion. Investors should read the prospectus before making an investment decision.

Sprott Resource Class Performance*

All returns and fund details are a) based on Series F shares; b) net of fees; c) annualized if period is greater than one year; d) as at December 29, 2017. *Blended Index (50/50 S&P/TSX Capped Materials Total Return Index and S&P/TSX Capped Energy Total Return Index) and is computed by Ninepoint Partners LP based on available index information.

About Ninepoint Partners LP

Based in Toronto, Ninepoint Partners LP is one of Canada’s leading alternative investment management firms overseeing approximately $3 billion in assets under management. Committed to helping investors explore innovative investment solutions that have the potential to enhance returns and manage portfolio risk, Ninepoint offers a diverse set of alternative strategies including North American Equity, Global Equity, Real Assets & Alternative Income.

Ninepoint is an operating company that has been created to assume portfolio management of the Canadian diversified assets of Sprott Asset Management LP, including actively managed hedge and mutual funds.

For more information on Ninepoint Partners LP, please visit or for inquiries regarding the offering, please contact us at (416) 943-6707 or (866) 299-9906 or

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