Conversation for May 10, 2022

The Q1 Gas Pump Happy Dance

Michael Hainsworth, host of our Alt Thinking Podcasts, caught up with Eric Nuttall who shared some insights into the earnings season that is well underway in the Canadian oil patch.

Eric tells listeners that the Q1 results show the multi-year bull market continues, and energy companies are rewarding investors in the space.

Are high gas prices here to stay? Eric’s thoughts might power a few cocktail party conversations…

“If it pains you to fill up your car it only means one thing. You don't own enough energy stocks or you don't own enough of an energy fund. I do the happy dance every time I fill up because I know that I'm being commensurately rewarded on the other side. I think oil's going up, crack spreads are firm, fuel demands high, so unfortunately, I don't think we're looking at lower – I think we're looking at higher [prices] in the coming quarters and years.”

Listen to the podcast here.


Sprinting to the Marathon

John Wilson and Eric Nuttall caught up with our friends at the NEO Exchange last week to chat about the decades-long energy transition.

We discussed the case for energy and its generational opportunities; the teachable moment and long-term implications of Russia’s war in Ukraine; the critical path to net zero and the next big catalysts that could stabilize carbon markets; and how investing in both oil & gas and carbon credit ETFs can make for a well-balanced portfolio with strong long-term outlooks.

One thing is clear: the energy transition is a marathon, not a sprint and the opportunities will go to those with a clear vision.

See the webinar replay here


Private Investment + Education = CE Credits

What expectations should investors have when exploring investments like private credit or private equity?

Ninepoint’s resident experts Ramesh Kashyap and David Sum will take you though a timely journey into the latest thinking on liquidity, fund structure, and value of the asset class. See a recording of our recent webinar here. (Qualifies for 0.75 CE Credits, Category: PD).


The Ninepoint Team!